Our Approach

Our nearly decades of experience, combined with escalating needs driven by recent surge in substance abuse in Goa, strengthen our resolve to eradicate addiction and save lives. We embrace four key reasons for optimism and paths to sustained change.

Addiction is a preventable, treatable disease for which effective care exists.
Because most people do not know it exists or cannot access it, we must focus on advancing quality addiction care so that everyone who needs help can get help – in treatment, recovery or prevention.

Addiction is not a moral failing.
We must remind people that they are loved, there is no place for blame. Compassion and empathy, when combined with scientific solutions, will save lives and end addiction as we know it.

Addiction is a public health crisis.
When laws and resources evolve to address this public health issue, we will dramatically improve how well we prevent and treat addiction for people.

When families are engaged, the odds of success increase dramatically.
We must enable families to find answers and make a difference by serving, supporting, and partnering with them.

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