Our Team

The YTL team is headed by experienced psychologists and social workers, who are committed and passionate about the campaign.

Peter Floriano Borges (Chief Campaign Coordinator)

Founder of Human Touch Foundation, Peter has been spearheading work in HIV and substance abuse for 21 years.

The YTL campaign, was crafted with by him, with focus on engaging young people and to develop a comprehensive response to address the substance abuse problem in Goa.

Applesta Maryann da Costa (Head of Operation & Lead, First Move)

A young mental health professional, armed with a post graduate degree in Clinical Psychology. She has successfully integrated mental health care for substance use disorders, using screening tools and customized therapies to enable young people achieve positive health outcomes.

Nishigandha Deshpande, Lead, Drug Demand Reduction

A post graduate in Clinical Psychology and is currently in the mental health field working towards reducing the drug demand. Engaging with adolescents and young adults is her passion and has been organizing few of the awareness programs for the youth in the field of substance abuse.

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