YTL Campaign

Yes to Life (YTL) is Goa’s first and largest operational campaign to fight substance abuse initiated Human Touch Foundation (HTF). The campaign encourages everyone to get involved: raise awareness and inspire action to help reduce substance abuse and to fight its impact on society. It seeks to encourage involvement from governments, civil society, the corporate sector and individuals alike, to inspire action.  

Human Touch Foundation (HTF) has in the past few years, attempted with limited resources to address substance abuse in Goa since 2011. The cost of substance abuse among Goan youth is magnified on many levels. The use of alcohol and drugs is linked to the spread of HIV and other communicable diseases. The economic toll of drug-related illnesses and conditions is devastating villages across Goa and robbing the state of vital, employable citizen leaders of the future.

YTL provides a full array of sustainable information, education, communication & treatment components focussing on adolescents, young adults, and their families in institutions of learning and communities. 

HTF has the conviction that it’s possible to live life without use of substances and with support from other stakeholders who wish to see the youth in Goa liberated from this challenge.  

#YesToLife is a unifying message to inspire collective attention and ownership for #DrugFreeGoa.
#YesToLife is a hashtag that virtually connects our commitment.
#YesToLife is a mantra that empowers and inspires.
#YesToLife is a call to action.
#YesToLife is a partnership of individuals, organizations, initiatives working together to find solutions. 

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